Sunday, 3 August 2014

Journal page for fun

I keep saying I am going to use my journal so here is my second page! I had already done a background a while ago and I got home from a slightly stressful day last night and decided to just play to relax a little! I confess no logic, no meaning and no plan - just whatever was on my desk!

What I had in mind was Brenda Brown's scrappy journal page she shared this week at Paper Artsy - she is so good at collage and layouts! So I may as well go into the draw today at Paper Artsy!

Hoping for a serener day - hope yours is too. (Although just spent half an hour cleaning up after my cat - LOL - I do love her though!)



  1. Yay! You did some art journaling! And what a gorgeous page you made!! Love the background and your images together... it works beautifully!
    I sent you an email this morning and hope it finds you well ;)
    I hope the cat doesn't give you too much work!
    Ingrid xx

  2. Love this Nikki,wonderful layout for a journal page. I am hoping to start journaling too now....I have been converted!

    Poor cat....can just imagine what mess it left for you! Mine always decides to do something when you least have the energy to clear it up :)

    Donna xx

  3. Fabulous bright colours Nikki and they work beautifully. I need to be a little braver with colour. Great Design and I love the little bird on it.
    Julie x

  4. Good to see you using your journal, its a fantastic page full of interest.

  5. Hope your weekend is proving to be so much more relaxing! Love this journalling Nikki with that mix of decidedly primary colours. Jenny x

  6. This is beautiful, Nikki, so vibrant!

    Lucy x

  7. Gorgeous colours,this is

  8. I do hope you had a much better today today Nikki. Your journal page is beautiful, the colours are stunning and I love the wood effect on the border at the bottom. A really lovely piece of work. Anne x

  9. wow what gorgeous layers of colour here, beautiful page x

  10. This is a fabulous journal page Nikki. Such beautiful colours and stamping
    x catherine

  11. For someone that doesn't do many journal pages you surely pulled this one together brilliantly. Wonderful page

    Hugs Eliza

  12. OMG, this is stunning! I just love the colours and so many background details that just sing in harmony and the sentiment is such a great final touch! What a wonderful journal page! :)

  13. That's a fantastic page. Love the vibrant colors.


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