Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Eileen Hull Tiny Book with PaperArtsy Stamps and Paints

Hi everyone - tonight it's a redirect post over to the PaperArtsy blog where I am sharing this Tiny Book made from recycled packaging (Eileen Hull die) using PaperArtsy Paints and stamps.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Tag Friday - it's a bright one!

We have a Tag Friday at A Vintage Journey today.  I am still in my bright colour phase, following a couple of Dina Wakley online classes!
This time though I have used the new face stamp from PaperArtsy / France Papillon. I had great fun using these for a recent post for PaperArtsy - and Lilly (as FP calls her) was still on my desk.

The Dina influence is evident - but great mix and change styles!
The face is stamped on tissue paper, coloured on the reverse before adhering to the loosely painted background on the tag.

I hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times. As some know I am struggling with the isolation of living alone, working at home and the gym shut. But art remains a great outlet for my frustrations.
Nikki xxx

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Collage, Faces, Eyes and a bit of fun

Tonight I am over at PaperArtsy sharing some slightly strange collages I have make with new stamps by France Papillon - now a designer for PaperArtsy as I am sure you know.
Do head over to see my weird creations!

Friday, 15 May 2020

Isolation Skype Craft 4 - Journalling Dina style

Hello and welcome to our 4th Isolation Skype Craft adventure - where Brenda Brown, Alison Bomber and I craft together over Skype. This version was another - do as you please, rather than our original rules based projects. As always just lovely to craft in the virtual company of  crafting buddies.

What is good about this project is I have finished something. It seems recently that I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I blame all these Facebook workshops - I have done a couple and both are unfinished - despite them being great projects.

I did a Dina Wakley workshop last Saturday evening and my Skype craft was Sunday morning - so you can see what inspired this page!

I followed alot of the process I had done on the workshop but in my journal instead. I love Dina's free style, mistakes are ok, letting things happen. She has a great eye for colour and composition though so I am not fooled it is easy as she makes it sound!!!

Compositionally this went a bit wrong.... spotted it? I do not like where I have positioned the face on the RHS - the masked tag is sticking out of her head! HOW did I not see that - LOL.

The masking on the silhouette figures worked a bit better - I like these. You can see all the layers here. What I failed to maintain is much white space - something I am working on - but must have got distracted by the conversation!

As you would expect wonderful projects from Brenda and Alison that you can find here:

Nikki xx

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Isolation Skype Craft 3 - the mini version

ATCs with PaperArtsy Stamps by Lin Brown and Alison Bomber

Hi everyone and welcome to the third Skype Craft post of Isolation! Alison, Brenda and I met virtually for just an hour last Saturday. Well it was probably an hour of crafting, maybe a little longer chatting. This makes a change from our normal marathon sessions!!!

It was just an excuse to catch up really - we didn't have any rules - we just did what we wanted while chatting. Alison has put the idea of a trio of ATC's into my head so this is what  did.

ATCs with PaperArtsy Stamps by Lin Brown and Alison Bomber

My background was created with PaperArtsy Chalk paints and a couple of circle stencils. I brayered paint over the surface and then placed a stencil over to remove some - just gives a subtle effect. I then added a paler colour back through the stencil with a sponge and finally a darker colour by stamping with another circle stencil.

ATCs with PaperArtsy Stamps by Lin Brown and Alison Bomber

I stamped these wonderful leaves (PaperArtsy, Lin Brown) with versamark and heat embossed with  a vivid green powder.

ATCs with PaperArtsy Stamps by Lin Brown and Alison Bomber

A few words - PaperArtsy stamps by Alison of course!


Check out Alison and Brenda's posts too! 

Until next time!

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Making Waves at PaperArtsy

It's a very fishy week or so here! If you missed my Skype Craft last week using another PaperArtsy Fish stamp set you can find it here.

But tonight I am over on the PaperArtsy blog - for our Under the Sea theme - using stamps from Scrapcosy.

See you next time.

Friday, 17 April 2020

'Out of limitations comes creativity' - Isolation Skype Craft 2

Hi everyone - how are you doing in these strange and difficult times. There are just a few things keeping me from going insane - exercise, craft and chocolate!

Saturday saw the second Isolation Skype Craft with Brenda Brown and Alison Bomber. Skype craft - crafting with friends over skype - is something we have done occasionally over the years but never twice in a few weeks! You can see Isolation Skype Craft 1 - here.

Usually we take it in turns to give an instruction to the others but this time we changed the rules and restricted ourself to limited supplies. We each got to choose 3 paints, 3 inks, a stencil, a stamp set, pre selected die cuts and an item recently purchased (bit of a wild card this one - as it could be a second stamp set / texture paste etc)

Here is my selection:

Now we all thought at first it seemed alot but then all panicked so allowed ourself an extra ink based product and paint:

There was still some good humoured stressing over limited supplies so I suggested we work with what we have and any point you could play your joker and use one more item (and the others could use it too)

So as the phrase goes -Out of Limitation Come Creativity - I made 2 tags using one of Gwen Lafleur's stamp designs from PaperArtsy.

Stamping the little fish in the backround with Chalk Fresco acrylic before smooshing some distress ink over.

Stamped with one of the circular stamp images in a mixture of ink and paint to make my patterned background here,

My JOKER was played - I needed my white posca pen!

I had 3 backgrounds made so die cut circles out of the tags to layer them up. Goldfish bowls maybe!

As always we all came up with very different designs, had a lot of laughs along the way and after 4 hours finally finished!

Here are Alison and Brenda's sneak peeks!

Happy crafting everyone - hopefully we can craft together again soon.
Nikki xxx


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