Monday, 30 March 2020

Isolation Skype Craft 1

Hello everyone

What difficult times we are living through. I feel lucky to have a hobby to turn to where I can sometimes forget any problem or worries.

On Friday I got together (virtually of course) with two crafting friends - Brenda Brown and Alison Bomber for one of our 'Skype Craft' days - it's been a while since we have done this. What a joy to spend several hours crafting, chatting and laughing with friends.

I worked on a large canvas, Brenda on a similar sized board and Alison in her large journal. 
As we have done in the past we take it turns to select the next step. I took photos at first then got carried away and stopped!!!

1. All - Seal the substrate with a coat of gesso/tinting base.

2. Alison - Use tissue paper and/or tissue tape.

3. Nikki - Use a stencil for some texture.

4. Brenda - Add some text/number stamping in any gaps

5. Alison - Add more than one colour paint in any way you'd like to,

Here you can see my strips of tissue paper, Grunge Paste through a brickwork stencil, some stamping and some washes of colour (Paper Artsy paint) added and then dabbed to remove with kitchen towel.

6. Nikki - Use something to create a resist. 

I really wanted use my new Izink Ice Translucent Gels from Seth Apter - so scraped some over the surface and dried. I also added some candle wax in places for additional resist.

7. Brenda - Use a colour medium to reveal your resist areas.

I added lots more paint layers at this point to create more contrast and depth and also allowed some paint to drip. 

8. Alison - Add some more stamping but not text and numbers.

I used a wonderful leaf stamp - from Lin Brown - PaperArtsy. 

9. Nikki - Select a focal point and gather elements together.

Textured Canvas with PaperArtsy Fresco Paint, Seth Apter Izink Ice, Tim Holtz Transparent wings

 10. Brenda - Alter/colour up/prepare and position elements for your focal point/s.

I painted the back of the Tim Holtz Ideology transparent wings in colours to match my canvas and splattered the front with white and gold paint. 

11. Alison - highlight or refresh the original background before adhering the embellishments.

I continued to build up my layers adding some dry brushed paint and using my pallet knife to add more Izink Ice. Oh and some splattered paint of course. The brown I originally scraped for resist, the red in the bricks and the transparent yellows on the canvas is the ICE.

Textured Canvas with PaperArtsy Fresco Paint, Seth Apter Izink Ice, Tim Holtz Transparent wings

I love some of the textures I managed to create - not sure about the overall composition but love the texture !!!!
When we do these sessions it is amazing how different everyone's turns out. Here are some sneak peaks for Alison and Brenda.

Sorry for this long post! We are hoping to Skype Craft again very soon - so look out for our next adventure!

Take care, stay safe, stay home (if you can) 
Nikki xxx


  1. Beautiful work Nikki! Looks a lot of fun.

  2. How lovely to see this more closely, the fabulous colours, the gorgeous textures and beautiful bevy of butterflies. Those wings are stunning and cleverly altered to fit in with your colour palette, the gold splatters really shine through. I can’t wait for our next session as they always make me push myself into making quick decisions and finish a project that would take me days on my own. Thanks for creating and making with me. Huge hugs. Brenda xxx

  3. I'm so in love with those butterflies! What a brilliant idea and how good they look - and I love that they're almost camouflaged against the background. Like my entomologists, one has to go hunting! Or you catch a gleam of that acetate to capture your attention - magical! And the background - wow... it's like shafts of sunlight drifting between trees. The lights and darks are spectacular, the texture is scrumptious, and I love those leaves hovering within the layers. Such a joy to craft together (virtually!) again - and I'm looking forward to the next one.
    Alison xx

  4. What fun and what and awesome creation! I wish I knew how to skype!


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