Friday 15 May 2020

Isolation Skype Craft 4 - Journalling Dina style

Hello and welcome to our 4th Isolation Skype Craft adventure - where Brenda Brown, Alison Bomber and I craft together over Skype. This version was another - do as you please, rather than our original rules based projects. As always just lovely to craft in the virtual company of  crafting buddies.

What is good about this project is I have finished something. It seems recently that I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I blame all these Facebook workshops - I have done a couple and both are unfinished - despite them being great projects.

I did a Dina Wakley workshop last Saturday evening and my Skype craft was Sunday morning - so you can see what inspired this page!

I followed alot of the process I had done on the workshop but in my journal instead. I love Dina's free style, mistakes are ok, letting things happen. She has a great eye for colour and composition though so I am not fooled it is easy as she makes it sound!!!

Compositionally this went a bit wrong.... spotted it? I do not like where I have positioned the face on the RHS - the masked tag is sticking out of her head! HOW did I not see that - LOL.

The masking on the silhouette figures worked a bit better - I like these. You can see all the layers here. What I failed to maintain is much white space - something I am working on - but must have got distracted by the conversation!

As you would expect wonderful projects from Brenda and Alison that you can find here:

Nikki xx


  1. I love the bright colours, the layers and fabulous way you have put this composition of a double page spread together. You have created so much depth and interest that creates wonderful focus to the design and imagery. It is very 'Nikki like' allowing me to move quickly around all the elements and search out the trails and travel at speed whilst coming to rest on different elements each time my eyes wander. I love it.
    Thanks as always for sharing your time and fabulous creations.
    huge hugs Brenda xxx

  2. Those silhouettes are the stand-out for me here - what a glorious effect. I love the balance of the faces, and I have to say I don't think I'd have noticed the tag as an issue if you hadn't mentioned it. The first woman is peeking out from behind one element, why shouldn't the second woman be in front of another?! The colours are so beautiful, with ocean depths to dive into and warm spots of blushing rose and lemon (no, I haven't been eating Turkish Delight recently - it's just what I see!). And it's no surprise that I also really enjoy how the eye alights on the words dotted around too. Altogether fabulous!
    Alison x

  3. Thanks for sharing your session. it is interesting to see how different your styles all are. The vivid colours and movement in your are amazing, it is so full of life. x

  4. I came to you from Alison's blog and wow, what a different type of art journalling.
    I have always admired Dina and enjoyed sitting at her desk many times at cha in the past. This straight away reminded me so much of her art and I had to look further into what you had done.
    Try as I might I can never produce a piece in her style to please myself - you seem to have done it with such ease - and a double page too. Love the colours, the composition and the addition of a bit of burlap. A wonderful double page spread.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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