Saturday, 5 August 2017

Eileen Hull Journal - Skype Edition

Hello! I have finally created a journal using Eileen Hull's Sissix Journal die - actually I have now done two - will share the other one another time.

This was my first and was a Skype Collaboration with Brenda Brown. I have been struggling to find my crafting mojo recently and Brenda came up with the idea of us crafting over Skype. So last week that is what we did - a 5 hour video / crafting session interrupted only by the odd cup of coffee and knock on the door.  Here we are starting off.....
Bad photo - lots of light through Brenda's window!
Now Brenda is far better at recording what we did - so if there are any discrepancies in our posts - it is probably mine that is wrong! The plan was to each chose a stage that we each had to follow....

We started by giving our die cut journals a coat of paint and then a layer of weathered wood - so we could create some crackle later. We worked mostly with Deco Art paints and mediums.

We then worked on front panels:
1. Brenda - brayer 2 colours -  I used Blue Green light and Cerulean
2. Nikki - Dip, Drip and Dry - I went with Phthalo Turquoise - eeek ended up with a big splodge I didnt like and needed to fix immediately but I couldn't!
3. Brenda - Any stamping - I went with a script stamp and Seth Apters Turnarounds
4. Nikki - Stencil using Paint - hurrah my chance to cover my splodge! It was white chalk paint through Tim Holtz latticework stencil for me
5. Brenda - Wash or glaze a single colour all over - eeeek I didn't want this - but had to! Diarylide Yellow watered down (now my blues have all turned green - grrrr) (NB anyone wish Deco Art colours were easier to spell?)
6. Nikki - Use a stencil (again) in anyway - still trying to rescue by spodge and now overly green panel! I added ultramarine through a That's Crafty Dinky circle stencil and Quinacridone Magenta through punchinella.
7. Brenda - Edge it / Frame it - I added Black archival around the edges.

Some of the stages.....
We then moved back to our journal itself and both started looking for die cuts and embellishments. We decided the front needed something circular and some words but each did our own thing - still chatting away. I often facetime a friend on Cyprus and hate video chatting but while we were crafting it was good fun! 
Having added the magenta to my panels I needed to balance my colours a little so added Reminisce Chalk paint over the weathered wood on the journal and then used some on my die cuts. (Seth Apter's Steering Wheel die to the rescue - had three on my desk which I adhered together.)
Here's the back.... can you see the splodge - I can, but I think I rescued it!
and my spine....
the insides... one signature made... need to add more and decorate inside a bit!

It was time for the big reveal!
We finally showed each other what we had done.... very different! Here is Brenda with her's - but do head over to Bumblebees and Butterflies for the real thing!
Thanks Brenda - it was great fun and really helped motivate me again! We plan to do it again soon... watch this space.


  1. I've just seen Brenda's step by steps - what a great time you had, and amazing results!

  2. This looks amazing Nikki, awesome texture and colour and would never have guessed there was a splodge under all that beauty. Love it!
    Fliss xxx

  3. Looks fab Nikki a fabulous journal. Glad it's kick started your mojo there is nothing worse.
    Amanda x

  4. Splodge? What splodge, I see no splodge - lol, you obviously did a brilliant job covering that up! What a fabulous way to spend five hours of crafty time - and what a stunning result Nikki! Your colour choices look amazing, I loved seeing how you built up those wonderful layers and your choice of embellishment is just perfect (love that steering wheel!). Love, love, love this!! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Brilliant idea to have a Skype session and the results are brilliant. I love your colour choices and all the wonderful layered elements. Fabulous way to spend a few hours. Hugs . Tracy x

  6. Can't imagine a better person to art skype with. The results belie that you think your mojo is on vacation. Looks like it back in full force. Love the colors and the patterns. thanks as always for sharing.

  7. A fabulous idea Nikki, and it's amazing how they turned out so differently.
    Avril x

  8. What a great idea for a way to create with a mate. And love the surface you created -- and your humor within the post!

  9. What a brilliant idea Nikki, absolutely adore what you've created too. Can't wait to get my hands on that die at some point too!
    Donna xx

  10. I just saw this on Brenda's blog so of course I had to come over and see your journal in detail.... Wow, how different they are and how brilliant both of them! Yours is absolutely stunning too Nikki and if you had not mentioned that splodge I would never have noticed it. All the layers work so well together, simply fantastic!!!

  11. Love your results and finished journal (even better irl) and what an amazing session we had so looking forward to the next one. xxx

  12. I don't know how I missed this Nikki, the colours are so rich reminding me of an old book from a Gentleman's club from ages gone by and has a rather masonic look about it. What a fun time you both had, just the ticket needed to uplift those crafty spirits. I really do need to get my hands on Eileens Journal Die and make one of these. Thank you for sharing. Hugs Tracey xx

  13. Fabulous Nikki ! I love what you've done with the colours and die cuts. The layers of stencilling are gorgeous too. I shall hop over and see Brenda's work as well. What a great idea to use Skype ! Toni xx

  14. oh, this is so cool!!! I love the layers and colors. Yum!

  15. Wow Nikki, your journal is so beautiful!!! I love your colours and the whole design!!! So inspiring!!!

  16. How fun! Thank you for sharing your crafty Skype time with us, Nikki! I love how you approached your layers, collaborating on the next steps. What fabulous results you came up with in the end! The colors and the design are so beautiful and SO inspiring! I'm very happy you both posted your time with us; it has been so fun reading and looking! Sending hugs your way!

  17. Nikki, you must have had a wonderful time together , skyping and having fun , while creating your journal which looks amazing,- really love the spine.
    Thank you for taking us with you :-) xx, Dorthe

  18. what a fun way to get over a creative slump Nikki! Already saw Brenda's post - and your journal is SO different using the same techniques! love the colors and decoration of your beautiful journal! Julia xx

  19. Looks like a lot of fun and a very good idea! Both journals look fabulous! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. Well, I saw the glimpse via Brenda's screen, but I still can't believe quite how different the two journals look having gone through the same stages... and it's not just the colours. So much fun to see two crafters playing together, and I think the results are fabulous. Great layering of the stencilled colours, and Seth's circle is perfect on the cover. A great way to banish the lurking mojo-demons - can I play too next time, please?!
    Alison x


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